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Battery Charger suitable for HTC

HTC Battery Charger are specifically designed for each Battery Chargers brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of HTC Charger and compatible replacements for most Battery Charger models. We have developed a HTC Battery Charger finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct Charger and Battery for your Camcorder. Your first step is to choose your HTC model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part NO.:

35H00061-17M 35H00082-00M 35H00095-00M 35H00101-00M
35H00111-06M 35H00113-00M 35H00120-01M 35H00134-09M
35H00152-01M BA E270 BA S100 BA S110
BA S120 BA S130 BA S150 BA S160
BA S170 BA S180 BA S190 BA S210
BA S230 BA S240 BA S260 BA S270
BA S320 BA S340 BA S370 BA S420
BA S450 BA S470 BA S520 BA S540
BA S570 BA S580 BA S590 BA S780
BA S800 BA S860 BA S890 BAS890
BB00100 BB96100 BD26100 BD29100
BG32100 BG58100 BG86100 BH11100
BH39100 BK07100 BL11100 BLAC160
BM60100 BOPA2100 DIAM160 DIAM171
DREA160 ELF0100 ELF0160 KAIS160

Shop by Machine model NO.:

528d 528w 7 Mozart
A310e A3333 A3335
A510e A6363 A7272
A7273 A7275 A810E
A9191 Advantage X7500 Advantage X7501
Advantage X7510 Artemis BLAC100
Blackstone Blackstone 100 Breeze 100
C510e C715e Chacha
Chacha A810E Desire 310 Desire HD
Desire Q Desire S Desire U
Desire V Desire VC Desire VT T328T
Desire X Desire Z DIAM100
EVO 3D EVO Design EVO Design 4G
EVO WiMAX Explorer G10
G11 G12 G13
G14 G15 G16
G19 G20 G6
G8 Galaxy Hermes
Holiday incredible s J
KAIS130 Kaiser Legend
Magician Mogul Mozart
MteoR Nike Omega
One SV Opal P3300
P3301 P3350 P3450
P3452 P3470 P3479 (Pharos)
P3600 P3600i P3650
P3651 P3700 P3702 Victor
P4000 P4350 P4550
P5500 P5520 P6300
P6500 Panda PH06130
Pharos 100 PM610120 Polaris 100
Radar Raider 4G Raider 4G LTE
RAPH100 Raphael S310
S510e S620 S621
S630 S650 S710
S710d S710e S730
Salsa Sensation Sensation XE
Shift X9500 Status T2223
T327e T328D T328e
T328H T328w T528
T528t T7272 T8282
T8698 Titan Titan 100
Touch Touch Color Touch Cruise
Touch Cruise 2007 Touch Diamond TOUCH DUAL
Touch ELF Touch HD Touch Pro
Touch Viva Trinity 100 TyTN
TyTN II TyTN III Velocity 4G
vision Vivid Vivid 4G
VOGU100 Vogue Wildfire
Wildfire S Wizard X710a
X710e X710s Z
Z321e Z710E Z715e

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