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Battery Charger suitable for LG

LG Battery Charger are specifically designed for each Battery Chargers brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of LG Charger and compatible replacements for most Battery Charger models. We have developed a LG Battery Charger finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct Charger and Battery for your Camcorder. Your first step is to choose your LG model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part NO.:

FL-53HN IP-330GP LGIP-400N LGIP-401N
ML-LG153 SBPL0103001 SBPL0103003 SBPP0023301
SBPP0027401 SBPP0028501

Shop by Machine model NO.:

278A 8120 Apex US740
Arena GT950 AX565 AX830
AX830 Glimmer Axis as740 Banter Touch MN510
BL20 BL20v BL40
BL40E Bliss UX700 C550
C660 Chocolate Chocolate Gold
Chocolate Platinum Connect 4G MS840 CU915
CU920 D855 DoublePlay C729
E400 E510 E610
E612 E720 E730
E960 E970 E973
E975 Enlighten VS700 F180
G 3 G Pro 2 G2X
GB230 GC900 GC900 Viewty Smart
GC900e Viewty Smart GC900F Viewty Smart GD310
GD330 GD510 GD510 POP
GD580 GD580 Lollipop GD580E
GD880 GD880 mini GD900
GD900 Crystal GD900e Genesis US760
Glimmer GM210 GM310
GM750 Gray C800 GS500
GT500 GT505 GW505
GW620 GW820 eXpo GW825
GW825V GW880 GX200
GX210 GX300 GX500
HB620T Ignite AS855 KB6100
KB770 KB800 KC500
KC550 KC560 KC780
KC910i KE800 KE820
KE850 KE998 KF240
KF300 KF305 KF350 Ice Cream
KF500 KF510 KF690
KF700 KF701 KF750
KF755 KG200 KG238
KG270 KG271 KG275
KG276 KG278 KG289
KG800 KG90 KG90C
KG90n KG95 KG99
KM380 KM500 KM900
KP105 KP130 KP235
KP320 KP500 KP501
KP502 KP800 KS20
KS360 KT520 KU250
KU990 KV500 KV600
KV700 KV800 KW838
KX266 KX500 LG830 Spyder
Lotus Elite LX610 LS670 LS696
LU1400 LU6200 Lucid2
LW690 LX160 Marquee LS855
ME850 MS690 myTouch LGE739BK
myTouch Q myTouch Q 4G Nexus 4
Nitro HD P930 Nitro P930 Optimus 2 AS680
Optimus 2X Optimus 3D Optimus 3D Max
Optimus Black Optimus bright L-07C Optimus C
Optimus chat Optimus Chic Optimus Elite
Optimus G Optimus GT540 Optimus L3
Optimus L5 Optimus L7 Optimus LTE
Optimus M Optimus Me OPTIMUS NET
Optimus pro Optimus Q L55C Optimus S
Optimus Slider VM701 Optimus Sol Optimus T
Optimus True HD LTE Optimus U Optimus V
Optinus HUB P350 P355
P505 P505R P509
P525 P690 P693
P698 P700 P705
P725 P920 P925
P930 P935 P936
P940 P970 P990
P993 P999 Phoenix
Prada PRADA phone by LG 3.0 PRADA phone by LG L-02D
Prestige AN510 Renoir KC910 Secret
Shine II GD710 Shine KE770 Shine KE970
Shine KF600 Shine KG70 Shine KG70c
Shine KG77 Shine KU970 Spectrum VS920
SU640 TG800 Thrill 4G
Thrill P925 Thrive P506 UN610 Mystique
US670 UX565 UX830
Viewty VM670 VM696
Vs870 Vu

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We supply Laptop Batteries for UK customers, provide laptop batteries replacement for most laptop brands such as Acer, Apple, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Sony, Samsung, IBM and more. We are dedicated to bring the highest quality laptop batteries,Power Tool Batteries and camcorder batteries at bottom prices, genuine factory direct and 100% compatible replacement laptop batteries. we guarantee our laptop batteries for 1 year Warranty and 30 days money-back.

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