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Battery Charger suitable for RICOH

RICOH Battery Charger are specifically designed for each Battery Chargers brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of RICOH Charger and compatible replacements for most Battery Charger models. We have developed a RICOH Battery Charger finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct Charger and Battery for your Camcorder. Your first step is to choose your RICOH model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part NO.:

BJ-10 BJ-6 CR-2 CR-V3
CR-V3P CR2 D-LI8 DB-100
DB-20 DB-20L DB-40 DB-43
DB-50 DB-60 DB-65 DB-70
DB-80 DB-90 LB-01

Shop by Machine model NO.:

130Z 4F20S AF7Z
Caplio 10G Caplio 300G Caplio 400G wide
Caplio 500G Caplio 500G wide Caplio 500SE
Caplio G3 Caplio G3 model M Caplio G3 model S
Caplio G3S Caplio G4 Caplio G4 wide
Caplio GR Digital I Caplio GX Caplio GX8
Caplio Pro G3 Caplio R1 Caplio R1S
Caplio R1V Caplio R2 Caplio R330
Caplio R6 Caplio R7 Caplio R8
Caplio RDC-i500 Caplio RR1 Caplio RR10
Caplio RR30 Caplio RR330 Caplio RX
Caplio RZ1 CX1 CX2
CX6 Easy II FF-10 Zoom
FF-20L-20 FF-300D FF-8NR
FF-8WR FF10 Zoom FF10D Zoom
FF20 FF20 Wide Zoom FF8WR
G600 G700 G700SE
Giro 140 GR GR Digital II
GR Digital III GR Digital IV GR10
GX200 GXR GXR Mount A12
GXR P10 Master Shot 110 Master Shot 130
Master Shot 130 Super Master Shot 130-Z Master Shot AF
Master Shot AFD Master Shot AFII Master Shot AFP
Master Shot AFPD Master Shot FF20 Super Master Shot TRU-Zoom
Master Shot Ultra Dual Master Shot Ultra Zoom Master Shot Ultra Zoom D
Master Shot Ultra Zoom II Master Shot Ultra Zoom Super Master Shot Zoom 70
Master Shot Zoom 70D Mirai 105 Myport 330 Super
Myport 330 Zoom Petite Zoom D Prego 115
Prego 115 AF Prego 125 Prego 140
Prego 145 AF PREGO 70 ZOOM Prego 70 Zoom Date
Prego 90 Prego 90 AF Prego Xenar AF
PREGO ZOOM 115 Prego Zoom 115 Date Prego Zoom AF
PX R-EX105Z R-EX120Z
R-EX70Z R-ex90z R1
R10 R1E R50
RDC-6000 RDC-7 RDC-7S
RX-700 RZ 105 Date RZ 105 Zoom
RZ 700 RZ 770 RZ 900 Date
RZ-105 RZ-105 ZOOM RZ-1050
RZ-115 RZ-125 RZ-140
RZ-3000 RZ-700 RZ-728
RZ-735 RZ-770 RZ-900
Super Shot AF D WG-2 WG-4
WG-5 GPS YF-20 Super YF-20D
Zoom Super Zoom X115 Zoom X70

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