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Payless-batteries(UK) offers an extensive line of HP HSTNN-IB95 Battery. HP HSTNN-IB95 Laptop Battery in our store comes with 1 year warranty. In addition, HP HSTNN-IB95 Battery supplied from Payless-batteries(UK) often have higher capacity, but retain the same size as the original HP HSTNN-IB95 Laptop Battery to meet or exceed OEM battery specifications.

 Replacement for HP HSTNN-IB95 Laptop Battery

Product ID: NHP064.083
Product tpye: Li-ion
Volts: 10.8 V
Capacity: 6600 mAh
Dimensions: 204.00 x 51.70 x 37.82 mm
weight: 502 G
Color: Black
1 year warranty! 30 Days Money Back. 100% brand new.100% Secure Shopping Guarantee.Payment Methods:Check, SEC, Paypal, Bank Transfer Shipped out within 0.5-10 hours at Office time. Receive your item in 1-5days.
Replacement Laptop Battery for HP HSTNN-IB95
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RRP: [ £ 35.74 ]
Our Price: [ £ 27.49 ](inc VAT)

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  This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:

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