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Replacement Inkjet Cartridge for HP

HP Inkjet Cartridge are specifically designed for each Inkjet Cartridge brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of HP batteries and compatible replacements for most Inkjet Cartridge models. We have developed a HP Inkjet Cartridge finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your Inkjet Cartridge. Your first step is to choose your HP model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part No.:

21 22 51625A 51626A
51629A 51649A 74XL 75XL
8765W 8766W 8767W 92
92298X 93 9351A 9352A
9361W 9362W 9363W 94
95 96 97 C1823A
C3906 C4092 C4096A C4127X
C4182X C4841A C4842A C4843A
C4844A C5010DN C5011DN C6578AN/DN
C6614D C6615A C6625A C6656A
C6657A C6658A C7115X C8721EE (HP363)
C8721WN C8727A C8728A C8771EE (HP363)
C8771WN C8772EE (HP363) C8772WN C8773EE (HP363)
C8773WN C8774EE (HP363) C8775EE (HP363) C9700A BK
C9701A C C9702A Y C9703A M C9720A BK
C9721A C C9722A Y C9723A M CB336
CB338 HP Q1338A HP10 Q2610A
Q2613X Q2624X Q6511X Q7516A

Shop by Machine model No.:

5200 5200dtn 5200L
5200n 5200tn 840C
842C 845C 845Cvr
Business inkjet 1100 Business inkjet 2200 Business inkjet 2230
Business inkjet 2280 Business inkjet 2600 Business inkjet 3000
Business inkjet 3000dtn Business inkjet 3000n Color Copier 140
Color Copier 145 Color Copier 150 Color Copier 155
Color Copier 160 Color Copier 170 Color Copier 180
Color Copier 190 Color Copier 260 Color Copier 270
Color Copier 280 Color Copier 290 Color Copier 750xi
Color Copier 950 DesignJet 200 DesignJet 220
DesignJet 600 Desk Writer 310 Desk Writer 320
Desk Writer 340 Desk Writer 540 Desk Writer 550C
Desk Writer 560C Desk Writer 600 Desk Writer 660
Desk Writer 660C Desk Writer 680 Desk Writer 694C
Desk Writer C Desk Writer CK Desk Writher 540
Desk Writher 550C Desk Writher 560C Desk Writher C520
DeskJet 1120C DeskJet 1120Cse DeskJet 1120Cxi
DeskJet 1125C DeskJet 1180C DeskJet 1220C
DeskJet 1220cps DeskJet 1220Cse DeskJet 1220Cxi
Deskjet 200ci Deskjet 310 Deskjet 311
Deskjet 320 Deskjet 3320 Deskjet 3323
Deskjet 3325 Deskjet 340 Deskjet 3420
Deskjet 3420v Deskjet 3425 Deskjet 3520
Deskjet 3520v Deskjet 3520w Deskjet 3535
Deskjet 3550 Deskjet 3550w Deskjet 3620
Deskjet 3650 Deskjet 3650v Deskjet 3653
Deskjet 3658 Deskjet 3740 Deskjet 3744
DeskJet 3745 DeskJet 3820 Deskjet 3843
Deskjet 3845 Deskjet 3845xi Deskjet 3847
Deskjet 3910 Deskjet 3918 Deskjet 3920
Deskjet 3930 Deskjet 3930v Deskjet 3940
Deskjet 3940v Deskjet 400 Deskjet 400L
Deskjet 420 Deskjet 420C Deskjet 450
Deskjet 450cbi Deskjet 450ci Deskjet 450wbt
Deskjet 460 Deskjet 460c Deskjet 460cb
Deskjet 460wbt Deskjet 460wf Deskjet 500C
Deskjet 505 Deskjet 505J Deskjet 5150
Deskjet 5150v Deskjet 5150w Deskjet 5151
Deskjet 5160 Deskjet 525 Deskjet 540
Deskjet 5420v Deskjet 5438 Deskjet 5440
Deskjet 5440xi Deskjet 5442 Deskjet 5443
Deskjet 5500 Deskjet 550C Deskjet 5550
Deskjet 5550v Deskjet 5550w Deskjet 5551
Deskjet 5552 Deskjet 560C Deskjet 560J
Deskjet 5650 Deskjet 5650v Deskjet 5650w
Deskjet 5652 Deskjet 5655 Deskjet 5740
Deskjet 5740xi Deskjet 5743 Deskjet 5748
Deskjet 5940 Deskjet 5940xi Deskjet 5943
DeskJet 600 Deskjet 610C DeskJet 6122
Deskjet 630C Deskjet 640C Deskjet 6520
Deskjet 6540 Deskjet 6540dt Deskjet 6540xi
Deskjet 6548 Deskjet 660 DeskJet 660C
Deskjet 6620 Deskjet 6620xi Deskjet 670
DeskJet 670C Deskjet 6800 Deskjet 6830
Deskjet 6840 Deskjet 6840dt Deskjet 6840xi
Deskjet 6843 Deskjet 6848 Deskjet 690
DeskJet 690C Deskjet 692 DeskJet 692C
Deskjet 694 Deskjet 6940 Deskjet 6940dt
DeskJet 694C Deskjet 695 DeskJet 695C
Deskjet 695Cci Deskjet 6980 Deskjet 6980dt
DeskJet 710C DeskJet 712C DeskJet 720C
DeskJet 722C DeskJet 810C DeskJet 812C
DeskJet 815C DeskJet 825C DeskJet 825cvr
DeskJet 830C DeskJet 832C DeskJet 840C
DeskJet 841C DeskJet 842C DeskJet 845C
DeskJet 880C DeskJet 882C DeskJet 890C
DeskJet 895C DeskJet 895Cxi DeskJet 920C
DeskJet 920Cvr DeskJet 920Cxi DeskJet 9300
DeskJet 930C DeskJet 930cm DeskJet 930Photo
DeskJet 932C DeskJet 935C DeskJet 940C
DeskJet 940Cvr DeskJet 940Cw DeskJet 940Cxi
DeskJet 948C DeskJet 950C DeskJet 952C
DeskJet 955C Deskjet 9600 DeskJet 960C
DeskJet 960Cse DeskJet 960Cxi Deskjet 9650
Deskjet 9670 Deskjet 9680 DeskJet 970C
DeskJet 970Cse DeskJet 970Cxi Deskjet 9800
Deskjet 9800d Deskjet 9803 Deskjet 9803d
Deskjet 9808 Deskjet 9808d DeskJet 980Cxi
Deskjet 9860 Deskjet 9868 DeskJet 990Cse
DeskJet 990Cxi DeskJet 995C Deskjet D1460
Deskjet D1560 Deskjet D2460 Deskjet D4160
Deskjet D4200 Deskjet D4245 Deskjet D4360
Deskjet F2235 Deskjet F2275 Deskjet F2276
Deskjet F2280 Deskjet F300 Deskjet F340
Deskjet F350 Deskjet F370 Deskjet F380
Deskjet F4100 Deskjet F4185 Deskjet Plus 400
Deskjet Plus 420C Deskjet Plus 500 Deskjet Plus 500C
Deskjet Plus 500J Deskjet Plus 505J Deskjet Plus 505K
Deskjet Plus 520 Deskjet Plus 540 Deskjet Plus 550C
Deskjet Plus 560C Deskjet Plus 560J DeskJet Professional Series
DeskWriter 600 DeskWriter 600C DeskWriter 694C
Fax 1240 Fax 1250 Fax 800
HP 2500C HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1160 HP Color inkjetprinter CP1700
HP Color laserjet 1500 HP Color laserjet 2500 HP Color Laserjet 4600
HP Copier 500 Series HP Designjet 500 HP Deskjet 3320
HP DeskJet 3420 HP DeskJet 3425 HP Deskjet 450
HP Deskjet 5150 HP Deskjet 5550 HP Deskjet 5551
HP Deskjet 5650 HP Deskjet 5850 HP DeskJet 840C
HP DeskJet 842C HP DeskJet 845C HP DeskJet 845Cvr
HP Deskjet 9650 HP Deskjet 9670 HP Deskjet 9680
HP Digital Copier 610 HP Laserjet 1100xi HP Laserjet 4050SE
HP Laserjet 1000 HP Laserjet 1100 HP Laserjet 1100A
HP Laserjet 1100a se HP Laserjet 1100a xi HP Laserjet 1100se
HP LaserJet 1150 HP Laserjet 1200 HP Laserjet 1200n
HP Laserjet 1200se HP Laserjet 1220 HP Laserjet 1220se
HP LaserJet 1300 HP LaserJet 1300N Printer HP Laserjet 2000
HP Laserjet 2100 HP Laserjet 2100M HP Laserjet 2100SE
HP Laserjet 2100TN HP Laserjet 2100XI HP Laserjet 2200
HP Laserjet 2200D HP Laserjet 2200DN HP Laserjet 2200DSE
HP Laserjet 2200DT HP Laserjet 2200DTN HP Laserjet 2300
HP Laserjet 2300dn HP Laserjet 2300dtn HP Laserjet 2300L
HP Laserjet 2300n HP LaserJet 2410 HP LaserJet 2420
HP LaserJet 2420d HP LaserJet 2420dn HP LaserJet 2430dtn
HP LaserJet 2430tn HP Laserjet 3100 HP Laserjet 3100se
HP Laserjet 3100xi HP Laserjet 3150 HP Laserjet 3150se
HP Laserjet 3150xi HP Laserjet 3200 HP Laserjet 3200se
HP Laserjet 3300 MFP HP Laserjet 3320mfp HP Laserjet 3320n mfp
HP Laserjet 3330mfp HP Laserjet 4 HP Laserjet 4 Plus
HP Laserjet 4000 HP Laserjet 4000N HP Laserjet 4000SE
HP Laserjet 4000T HP Laserjet 4000TN HP Laserjet 4050
HP Laserjet 4050N HP Laserjet 4050T HP Laserjet 4050TN
HP Laserjet 4100 HP Laserjet 4100 MFP HP Laserjet 4100DTN
HP Laserjet 4100N HP Laserjet 4100TN HP Laserjet 4101 MFP
HP LaserJet 4200 HP LaserJet 4200dtn HP LaserJet 4200dtns
HP LaserJet 4200dtnsl HP LaserJet 4200n HP LaserJet 4200tn
HP Laserjet 4M HP Laserjet 4M Plus HP Laserjet 5
HP Laserjet 5 SE HP Laserjet 5L HP Laserjet 5L xtra
HP Laserjet 5M HP Laserjet 5N HP Laserjet 8100
HP Laserjet 8100dn HP Laserjet 8100mfp HP Laserjet 8100n
HP Laserjet 8150 HP Laserjet 8150dn HP Laserjet 8150hn
HP Laserjet 8150mfp HP Laserjet 8150n HP Laserjet5LFs
HP Laserjet5ML HP Laserjet6L HP Laserjet6L Pro
HP Laserjet6LSE HP Laserjet6LXI HP Laserjet6ML
HP Laserjet6PSE HP Laserjet6PSI HP Officejet 6110 All-in-one
HP Officejet 7100 series HP Officejet 7410 HP Officejet D135 Series
HP Officejet D135xi Series HP Officejet D155xi series HP Photosmart 100
HP Photosmart 120 HP Photosmart 130 HP Photosmart 230
HP Photosmart 3210 HP PhotoSmart 3300 HP Photosmart 3310
HP Photosmart 7150 HP Photosmart 7350 HP Photosmart 7550
HP Photosmart 8230 HP Photosmart 8250 HP Photosmart 8250v
HP Photosmart 8250xi HP PSC 1110 all-in-one HP PSC 1210 all-in-one
HP PSC 1350 all-in-one HP PSC 2105 all-in-one HP PSC 2108 all-in-one
HP PSC 2110 All-in-One HP PSC 2115 all-in-one HP PSC 2150 all-in-one
HP PSC 2150 all-in-ones HP PSC 2175 all-in-one HP PSC 2210 All-in-One
HP PSC 2410 all-in-one HP PSC 2500 Series Photosmart All-in-one HP PSC 2510 all-in-ones
Office LX 300 Office LX 330 Office LX 350
Officejet 1315 Officejet 4110 Officejet 4110v
Officejet 4110xi Officejet 4115 Officejet 4150
Officejet 4150z Officejet 4211 Officejet 4212
Officejet 4215 Officejet 4215v Officejet 4215xi
Officejet 4219 Officejet 4255 Officejet 4256
Officejet 4355 OfficeJet 500 OfficeJet 5110
OfficeJet 520 Officejet 5505 Officejet 5508
Officejet 5510 Officejet 5510v Officejet 5510xi
Officejet 5515 Officejet 5605 Officejet 5608
Officejet 5609 Officejet 5610 Officejet 5610v
Officejet 5610xi Officejet 5615 Officejet 5679
OfficeJet 570 OfficeJet 580 OfficeJet 590
Officejet 6110 Officejet 6110v Officejet 6110xi
Officejet 6150 Officejet 6200 Officejet 6203
Officejet 6205 Officejet 6210 Officejet 6210v
Officejet 6210xi Officejet 6215 Officejet 6304
Officejet 6305 Officejet 6307 Officejet 6308
Officejet 6310 Officejet 6310v Officejet 6310xi
Officejet 6313 Officejet 6315 OfficeJet 635
Officejet 7205 Officejet 7208 Officejet 7210
Officejet 7210v Officejet 7210xi Officejet 7213
Officejet 7215 Officejet 7310 Officejet 7310xi
Officejet 7313 Officejet 7408 Officejet 7410
OfficeJet G55 OfficeJet G85 OfficeJet G85xi
OfficeJet G95 Officejet H470 Officejet H470bt
Officejet J3608 Officejet J5700 Officejet J5730
Officejet J5780 Officejet J5785 Officejet J6405
Officejet J6410 Officejet J6413 Officejet J6415
Officejet J6450 Officejet J6480 Officejet J6488
OfficeJet K60 OfficeJet K60xi Officejet K7100
Officejet K7103 Officejet K7108 OfficeJet K80
OfficeJet K80xi OfficeJet R40 OfficeJet R45
OfficeJet R60 OfficeJet R65 OfficeJet R80
OfficeJet T45 OfficeJet T65 OfficeJet V30
OfficeJet V40 OfficeJet V40xi OfficeJet V45
OfficeJet5110 PhotoSmart 1115 PhotoSmart 1215
PhotoSmart 1215VM PhotoSmart 1218 PhotoSmart 1218xi
Photosmart 1222 PhotoSmart 1315 Photosmart 2405
Photosmart 2450 Photosmart 2570 Photosmart 2571
Photosmart 2573 Photosmart 2575 Photosmart 2575v
Photosmart 2575xi Photosmart 2577 Photosmart 2578
Photosmart 2608 Photosmart 2610 Photosmart 2610v
Photosmart 2610xi Photosmart 2710 Photosmart 2710v
Photosmart 2710xi Photosmart 325 Photosmart 325v
Photosmart 325xi Photosmart 329 Photosmart 335
Photosmart 335v Photosmart 335xi Photosmart 375
Photosmart 375b Photosmart 375v Photosmart 375xi
Photosmart 385 Photosmart 385v Photosmart 385xi
Photosmart 420 Photosmart 422 Photosmart 422v
Photosmart 422xi Photosmart 425 Photosmart 425v
Photosmart 428 Photosmart 428v Photosmart 428xi
Photosmart 475 Photosmart 475v Photosmart 475xi
PhotoSmart 5110 Photosmart 7150 Photosmart 7155w
Photosmart 7260 Photosmart 7260v Photosmart 7260w
Photosmart 7345 Photosmart 7350 Photosmart 7350v
Photosmart 7350w Photosmart 7445 Photosmart 7450
Photosmart 7450v Photosmart 7450w Photosmart 7450xi
Photosmart 7459 Photosmart 7550 Photosmart 7660
Photosmart 7660v Photosmart 7660w Photosmart 7755
Photosmart 7760 Photosmart 7760v Photosmart 7760w
Photosmart 7765 Photosmart 7830 Photosmart 7838
Photosmart 7850 Photosmart 7960 Photosmart 7960v
Photosmart 7960w Photosmart 8030 Photosmart 8038
Photosmart 8049 Photosmart 8050 Photosmart 8050v
Photosmart 8050xi Photosmart 8053 Photosmart 8150
Photosmart 8150v Photosmart 8150w Photosmart 8150xi
Photosmart 8157 Photosmart 8450 Photosmart 8450v
Photosmart 8450w Photosmart 8750 Photosmart 8750xi
Photosmart 8753 Photosmart 8758 Photosmart B8330
Photosmart B8350 Photosmart C3140 Photosmart C3150
Photosmart C3180 Photosmart C4175 Photosmart C4180
Photosmart C4188 Photosmart C4200 Photosmart C4280
Photosmart C4300 Photosmart C4345 Photosmart C4348
Photosmart C4380 Photosmart C4385 Photosmart C4388
Photosmart C4480 Photosmart C4488 Photosmart C4580
Photosmart C4580WiFi Photosmart C5200 Photosmart C5280
Photosmart C5288 Photosmart D5156 Photosmart D5160
PhotoSmart G85 PhotoSmart G85xi PhotoSmart G95
PhotoSmart K60 PhotoSmart K60xi PhotoSmart K80
PhotoSmart K80xi PhotoSmart P1000 PhotoSmart P1100
PhotoSmart P1100xi PhotoSmart V40 PhotoSmart V40xi
PSC 1110 PSC 1110v PSC 1110xi
PSC 1205 PSC 1209 PSC 1210
PSC 1210v PSC 1210xi PSC 1213
PSC 1215 PSC 1216 PSC 1217
PSC 1219 PSC 1311 PSC 1312
PSC 1315 PSC 1315v PSC 1315xi
PSC 1317 PSC 1340 PSC 1350
PSC 1350v PSC 1350xi PSC 1355
PSC 1401 PSC 1402 PSC 1403
PSC 1408 PSC 1410 PSC 1410v
PSC 1410xi PSC 1415 PSC 1503
PSC 1504 PSC 1506 PSC 1507
PSC 1508 PSC 1510 PSC 1510v
PSC 1510xi PSC 1514 PSC 1600
PSC 1603 PSC 1605 PSC 1608
PSC 1610 PSC 1610v PSC 1610xi
PSC 1613 PSC 1615 PSC 2105
PSC 2108 PSC 2110 PSC 2110v
PSC 2110xi PSC 2150 PSC 2150xi
PSC 2170 PSC 2171 PSC 2175
PSC 2175v PSC 2175xi PSC 2179
PSC 2210 PSC 2210v PSC 2210xi
PSC 2212 PSC 2310 PSC 2350
PSC 2352 PSC 2353 PSC 2355
PSC 2355p PSC 2355v PSC 2355xi
PSC 2357 PSC 2358 PSC 2405
PSC 2410 PSC 2510 PSC 2550
PSC 500 PSC 700 PSC 750
PSC 750xi PSC 900 PSC 950

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