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Replacement UMPC, NetBook & MID Battery for LENOVO

LENOVO UMPC, NetBook & MID Battery are specifically designed for each UMPC, NetBook & MID brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of LENOVO batteries and compatible replacements for most UMPC, NetBook & MID models. We have developed a LENOVO UMPC, NetBook & MID Battery finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your UMPC, NetBook & MID . Your first step is to choose your LENOVO model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part No.:

121000919 121000920 121000921 121000922
121000925 121000926 121000927 121000928
121000929 121000930 121000931 121000932
121001117 121001118 121001119 121001138
121001139 121001141 3ICR19/66 45K127
45K1274 45K1275 45K2175 45K2176
45K2177 45K2178 51J039 51J0399
55Y2098 55Y2099 55Y9382 55Y9383
57Y6273 57Y6274 57Y6275 57Y6276
57Y6346 57Y6442 57Y6446 57Y6448
57Y6517 57Y6519 57Y6522 57Y6524
57Y6631 57Y6632 57Y6633 57Y6634
ASM 42T4590 ASM 42T4683 FRU 42T4589 FRU 42T4682
L08S3B21 L08S6C21 L08S6D12 L08S6Y21
L09C3B11 L09C3B12 L09C3B14 L09C3Z14
L09C6Y11 L09C6Y12 L09C6Y14 L09M3B11
L09M3Z14 L09M6Y11 L09M6Y14 L09M6Z14
L09S3B11 L09S3Z14 L09S6Y11 L09S6Y14

Shop by Machine model No.:

IdeaPad S10 IdeaPad S10 20015 IdeaPad S10 4231
IdeaPad S10 Series IdeaPad S10-2 IdeaPad S10-2 20027
IdeaPad S10-2 2957 IdeaPad S10-2c IdeaPad S10-3
IdeaPad S10-3 - 06474CU IdeaPad S10-3 0647 IdeaPad S10-3 0647-29U
IdeaPad S10-3 0647-2AU IdeaPad S10-3 0647-2BU IdeaPad S10-3 064735U
IdeaPad S10-3 064737U IdeaPad S10-3 064738U IdeaPad S10-3 064746U
IdeaPad S10-3 064752M IdeaPad S10-3 064757M IdeaPad S10-3 064759M
IdeaPad S10-3 0647EBV IdeaPad S10-3 0647EFV IdeaPad S10-3 20039
IdeaPad S10-3 59-045096 IdeaPad S10-3 M33D3UK IdeaPad S10-3c
IdeaPad S10-3s IdeaPad S10-3s 0703EEV IdeaPad S100
IdeaPad S10C IdeaPad S10e IdeaPad S10e 4068
IdeaPad S10e 4187 IdeaPad S10e Series IdeaPad S12
IdeaPad S12 20021 IdeaPad S12 2959 IdeaPad S12 Series
IdeaPad S205 IdeaPad S9 IdeaPad S9 Series
IdeaPad S9e IdeaPad S9e 4187 IdeaPad S9e Series
IdeaPad U160 IdeaPad U160-08945KU IdeaPad U160-08945LU
IdeaPad U160-08945MU IdeaPad U165 IdeaPad U165-AON
IdeaPad U165-ATH IdeaPad U330 20001 IdeaPad U330 2267
IdeaPad U330 Series IdeaPad U330A IdeaPad V350
IdeaPad Y330 Series

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