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Replacement two-way radio battery for MOTOROLA

MOTOROLA two-way radio battery are specifically designed for each two-way radio battery brand and model. Payless-Batteries(UK) offers a complete line of MOTOROLA batteries and compatible replacements for most two-way radio battery models. We have developed a MOTOROLA two-way radio battery finder tool that will guide you in choosing the correct battery and ac adapter for your two-way radio battery. Your first step is to choose your MOTOROLA model and part number from the list below.

Shop by Part No.:

53615 56315 HKNN4002 HKNN4002A
HKNN4002B HNN8133C HNN8308A HNN9008A
HNN9008AR HNN9009A HNN9009AR HNN9011 R
HNN9011BR HNN9011R HNN9012 R HNN9012BR
HNN9012R HNN9013 HNN9013B HNN9013DR
HNN9018AR HNN9044 HNN9044A HNN9044AR
HNN9056A HNN9233A HNN9628 HNN9628A
HNN9628B HNN9701A HNN9808B JMNN4023A
JMNN4073_R JMNN4074_R KEBT-071-B KEBT071B
NNTN4497 NTN4496 NTN4851 NTN5414
NTN8923 PMN4001 PMNN4000 PMNN4005
PMNN4046 PMNN4046A PMNN4046R PMNN4073
PMNN4073_R PMNN4074 PMNN4074_R WPNN4040
WPNN4045R WPPN4012-R

Shop by Machine model No.:

Cosmo CP150 CP200
CP250 CP450 CP450LS
CP50 EX500 EX560 XLS
EX600 EX600 XLS GL2000
GP1280 GP140 GP2000
GP240 GP280 GP300
GP308 GP320 GP328 Plus
GP329 GP329 Plus GP338
GP338 Plus GP339 GP339 Plus
GP340 GP344 GP360
GP380 GP388 GP540
GP580 GP600 GP628 Plus
GP63 GP638 Plus GP640
GP644 GP68 GP680
GP688 GP88 GP88S
GT-2050 GTX LTR Portable GTX Privacy Plus Portable
GTX Series GTX800 GTX900
HT10 HT1200 HT1225
HT1250 HT1250 LS HT1250•LS
HT1250•LS+ HT1250.LS+ HT1500
HT1550 HT1550 XLS HT1550•XLS
HT600 HT750 HT800
LCS2000 LTS2000 (With Normal Belt Clip) MTX638
MTX8250 MTX8250 LS MTX8250•LS
MTX8250LS MTX850 MTX850 LS
MTX850•LS MTX850LS MTX9250
MTX950 MTX960 P040
P080 P50 PR860
PRO3150 PRO5150 PRO5150 Elite
PRO7150 PRO7150 Elite PTX600
PTX700 Plus PTX760 Plus Radius HT10
Radius P10 Radius P50(Low Power) Radius P60
Radius SP10 Radius SP21 Radius SP50
Radius SP50 (Tall version) Radius SP50+ SP50+
T5300 T5320 T5400
T5420 T5512 T5522
T5532 T5600 T5620
T5700 T5710 T5720
T5800 T5820 T5900
T5920 T5950 Talk about MC220R
Talk about MC225R Talk about MD200TPR Talk about MD220R
Talk about MJ270R Talk about MR350 Talk about MR350R
Talk about MR350R VP Talk about MR351 Talk about MR355R
Talk about MR356R Talk about MS350R Talk about MS355R
Talk about MT350R Talk about MT352R Talk about MT352TPR
Talk about T5000 TALK ABOUT T5320 TALK ABOUT T5400
TALK ABOUT T5420 Talk about T5512 Talk about T5532
Talk about T5550 Talk about T5710 TALK ABOUT T5800
TALK ABOUT T5820 Talk about T9680RSAME XTS3000

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